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MiScreen Digital Screen Maker

Direct to screen digital imaging - Fast, easy, low cost with quality results.

Finally you can say goodbye to films, printed artwork and photocopies

Using direct to screen digital technologies, the MiScreen system eliminates the time consuming process of creating carbon based artwork (for Thermal-Copier/ GOCCO models), printing artwork films or generating artwork onto another format before it's placed onto a screen.
Eliminating artwork improves your image quality as there's no losses through a secondary transfer, no light undercutting your imaging, no movements, no extra time and there is no artwork costs.

Digital Quality

Direct and accurate reproductions every single time. No problems with under cutting , patchy screens, artwork lift off, etc.
MiScreen creates your designs in under 30 seconds using Direct To Screen imaging with a professional grade Thermal Print Head (TPH).

Save time and stop using old technologies

The advancement to digital screen imaging is a giant leap forward in screen quality and speed of creation. Once you have used a RISO Digital Screen Maker system you question how you ever used the old methods  . . .when the new technology is affordable, so simple, fast and easy to use.

MiScreen is the step forward you have been waiting for, with a new range of Mesh grades to expand and support your printing applications, improved quality, lower screen costs, faster imaging and yet as always with RISO, you still maintain 100% control over your designs and printing.
Using MiScreen is one case where the old ways will be fondly remembered in the past.

New RISO Digital QS Mesh

The new generation of RISO Digital QS Master is a 'P' type polyester screen with a stronger construction, this makes the mesh more durable in both print run and the type of ink's available for use.
Waterbased, Plastisol, Union and weak solvent inks are suitable. As always, it is recommended to test for suitability before production.
- not suitable for use with acids or etchings agents

RISO Digital QS MasterMiScreen Digital Mesh is grey in colour to help registration and viewing the digital image on the mesh.
- New stronger and more durable 'P' type polyester construction
- Plastisol, Union, oil based and weak solvent suitable
- 3 mesh grades available 70Mesh/ #28T, 120Mesh/ #42T, 200Mesh/ #79T grades


Simple and easy to use, simply mount your mesh to the frame, open the software and send your image to the MiScreen machine, lower the handle and your frame is pulled through as the image is transferred onto the mesh.
Screens imaged in under 30 seconds.
Direct to Screen - no artwork preparations.

Re-usable frames - saves costs lowers equipment required.
Dry screen making process from a bench top in normal light conditions.
No chemicals, no wash ups, solvents or cleaners.



Note: Inks and Squeegee only available in Japanese version.

MiScreen Software Downloads

See the software page for details 

MiScreen Brochure MiScreen Brochure (3280 KB)